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The BIA Chamber of Commerce is part of the Ottawa Black Business Alliance, an organization dedicated to supporting Ottawa’s visionaries and artists. We believe in providing equal opportunities for our best and brightest to shine, no matter their circumstances, and offer expert services in the name of building a better future for our communities.


 Ottawa’s independent businesses, especially in the Vanier area, still rely on outdated strategies and technology. As Ottawa continues to evolve into a modern urban centre, these businesses risk being swallowed by late-capitalist giants with more resources and better marketing tactics. 


 Preserving our community’s diversity and unique entrepreneurial spirit requires guiding them into the modern era and preparing them to compete in the ever-changing market. Our strategy is built on the foundation of the “teach a man to fish” philosophy, providing our clients with the skills and knowledge to sustain themselves and their business.


 We envision a world where the “mom and pop” dynamic remains the backbone of our economy, where the cultural diversity of our community is celebrated and people of all ethnic backgrounds have equal opportunities to thrive.


The Numbers Don’t Lie

Small business already comprises an overwhelming majority of the Canadian business market, numbering over 1.14 million. This is a stark difference compared to how many large-scale corporations there are, only 0.3% or 3500, and yet the failure rate of small businesses is over 30%. It is this which drives our mission to support our community of entrepreneurs and protect small businesses. 



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What We Do Best


We devise indivualized strategies that play to your strengths and address your vulnerabilities.


Using detailed methodology, we evaluate your business model, market environment, and competition.


Get expert opinions from our specialists, covering marketing, finance, media, and IT.


Enjoy our open-concept office, in a team or on your own. Available to BIA Chamber members.

Website Design

Confidently present your brand to the world with an elegant custom website designed by our development team.

Business Plan

Build a business plan from the ground up with  our expert assistance for optimal success.

Luckner Thermonvil

Luckner Thermonvil

Executive Director

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Hub for
African/Caribbean/Diaspora Business and Entrepreneurs. Our organization is dedicated to creating solutions to the struggles facing ACD businesses. Drawing from 25 years’ worth of business management and development experience, my ultimate goal is to improve our local commercial activity through investing in and developing Black entrepreneurship. I believe that a pragmatic, logical approach and providing affordable access to professional and educational resources will see a dramatic and important rise in ACD wealth and prosperity. Helping your business is our business, and I look forward to working together as we strengthen our community, and our legacy.

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