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IT & Web Solutions

Go behind-the-scenes with one of our IT consultants and discover the difference a custom website or database can make for your business.

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Our proficiency with information technology and website design covers a broad range of services from SEO to server setup. Order a custom-built website to provide your customers with a top-notch user interface and make a great first impression. Learn more about our IT & web solutions here.

Media Coordination

Discover the power of video and engage your audience; get your business camera-ready with one of our media consultants.

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Our media coordinators oversee the execution of marketing and advertising campaigns for various broadcast and digital media outlets. Our duties include meeting with our clients, preparing plans for media, organizing budgets, and negotiating the costs of advertising spaces.


Lay the foundations for a strong business strategy and execute the most efficient tactics to get more out of your customers.

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Our marketing solutions are built on a multi-step process: beginning with market research, we assess the strength of your idea and its potential environmental barriers, as well as narrow down your target market; we develop specially tailored strategies to promote and distribute your product/service to your target market and determine the best price range based on the research; finally, we create a schedule for phase implementation and calculate demand forecasts as well as total marketing costs and summarize everything in a comprehensive marketing plan.

Management Assessments

Refocus, revise, and reinforce your financial and managerial position with the assistance of one of our management consultants. 

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To understand and improve your management skills, our consultants first sit down and ask some basic questions about how you manage money, inventory, and other assets, as well as employees and customer data. Afterwards we compare your answers to benchmarks and top performers in your industry to determine what recommendations we need to make. A summary of your management assessment is later provided to you and a meeting is scheduled to determine how best to address areas of improvement.

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