Marketing Services 

We provide methods to satisfy your customers needs 


Market Research

We collect and analyse information so you can make more informed business decisions.

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Market research is an organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. …Market research provides important information which helps to identify and analyze the needs of themarket, the market size and the competition.


Social Media

Utilizing Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, will maximize you brand exposure.

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Social media marketing and advertising is a group of operations and methods used to generate publicity through social media channels and Internet communities. Creating and maintaning an online presence is crucial to the growth of your business.

Advertising & PR

We develop adverts & PR methods to best communicate your product to your customers.

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Through advertising we will create paid announcementas to be promoted online, on the other hand, our PR divison will develop a strategic communication process that will build mutually beneficial relationships between organisations and the public.


Marketing Plan

We will help you create a well-composed marketing plan suited for your business needs.

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The marketing plan is to set the company on a specific course in marketing. Marketing Goals generally align with broader company objectives. A new company looking to grow, for instance, often has a marketing plan that emphasizes strategies to increase customer base.

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